Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Golden Gate Bridge & Back

119 mins (9 mi)

Let me start off today's post by stating that it's recently come to my attention that I may be living in the ghetto neighborhood of San Fran (also referred to as the Tenderloin).  This is a bit disconcerting since I specifically stayed clear of any places in the 'Loin when I did my apartment hunt a la Craigslist (shout-out to Jilane for all her tips and help when I was replying to roommate adds:) ).  I like to think of my quaint neighborhood as the "Lower Nob Hill" area. It's an awesome neighborhood in the heart of the city.  Yes, there is a half-way house across the street from me, but I ask you, what neighborhood doesn't have a friendly, local SRO facility?  I have also heard of my neighborhood referred to as the Tender unappealing (albeit witty) hybrid name of the Tenderloin and Nob Hill neighborhoods.  Sigh.  Oh well.

Anyway, back to business.  Today I started my run at my apartment (at Polk & Sacramento St.) and headed out up Larkin St, past Ghiradeli Square, the Presidio and aimed straight for Fort Point (the brick building at the base of the bridge in the pic above), turning around just at the southern tip of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Honestly, when I started out, I had no intention of going as far as I did, but fortunately I got in a good rhythm and felt pretty loose the whole way.  Ironically my iPod crapped out on my within the first 20 mins out, which surprisingly turned the run into a much more enjoyable experience.  Definitely going to go sans iPod again in the future.

This is an exceptional run, a good portion of which is on a quiet gravel path that borders the Marina.  As you near the Golden Gate Bridge, the path becomes dotted with purple lupin bushes and bright orange poppy flowers.  It doesn't get much more California-esque than that!

All in all, a great run. Very thankful to be out in the Golden State :)

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